Reporting is critical for success of telecommuting jobs

September 15, 2009

Telecommuting jobs used to be small in number until some years ago. As companies started revisiting their business models to be more cost-efficient, they started encouraging telecommuting jobs. Telecommuting, as on date, is a work option preferred by even Fortune 100 companies. Obviously, there is something about telecommuting jobs that industry bigwigs are increasingly taking to promote these jobs.

First and foremost, companies in the manufacturing sector may not find it so easy to encourage their employees to telecommute. Telecommuting essentially means working from home, and with manufacturing companies having production processes, it is extremely important for them to have their employees in the factory or the production house. Manufacturing is a labor and a process intensive domain, and telecommuting jobs in this domain could be very rare.

Come to the services sector, and you will find a lot of telecommuting jobs. Normally, jobs like attending to calls from home, managed by a remote exchange or a VOIP server, are things you would find in this domain. And needless to say, they are quite popular with people and clients too. For the clients, having their employees telecommute, means they are saving some space in their office. On the other hand, managing people’s work could get to be a task at times.

It is thus no rocket science that telecommuting jobs can only be beneficial for both the sides of the work role. Yet, there are some nuts and bolts about these opportunities that need sorting. More often than not, it is the client who would need to fix things on his end, to ensure he gets good value out of the telecommuting jobs. Give a chance though for people to work from home and they will grab it.

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Freelancing and Outsourcing – Not really the same

September 15, 2009

With so many freelancers cropping up from all corners of the world, work doesn’t always need to be done in one country. For example, a person based out of Australia may get the work done from a freelancer in Philippines or China. In conventional terms, this could be defined as outsourcing over the freelancing model.

This definition though doesn’t apply to this case – The person in Australia prefers getting the work done from someone in Australia, who freelances. In this case, the work hasn’t really gone anywhere, and thus here, freelancing takes a separate line from outsourcing.

For quite some years now, industry experts are divided whether to call freelancing as a form of outsourcing or not. The logic is simple – Work for a company is not being done in the company, and by someone else employed by the company on a contract basis, and in this arrangement, it is fair in calling the deal a freelance outsourcing deal.

This is precisely the point – There are so many contexts associated with the domain of freelancing that you may get lost in this. The simpler way out is – To just forget all the definitions, and do your work. If you are a freelancer, just accept the work, finish it and get paid. If you are a buyer, choose the freelancer, get the work, and pay for the services.

At the end of the day, what matters to a freelancer is if he is getting work and money, and in return, buyers get their work done. Until the time this happens, all arguments on whether freelancing is outsourcing or not, can be put aside.

But quietly, industry experts would still wish to carry forward flames of this topic ahead. With the Grassley-Durbin Bill assuming some impetus in the Obama administration, experts wish to find some answers to this question quickly.For freelance writing oppurtunities visit now !

Freelancers – Beware of malicious clients

September 15, 2009

We hate to say this, especially given the positive context of freelancing as a work domain, but the truth is there have been a lot of instances, when clients take away the work from the freelancers, and don’t pay them. The motivation behind clients not paying freelancers is questionable, but equally worrying is the aspect of a lot of freelancers, actually feeling discouraged, when such a thing happens with them.

This is not to say that all clients are bad in intent. There are some good flowers too in this bunch, who pay the freelancers timely and an appropriate amount for their work too. The point about freelancing is – Unless you work with a buyer, you wouldn’t know if he is good or bad. So, really, it is only fair in saying that any freelancing opportunity could at best be termed as a hit-and-trial method.

That being said, much the same way how clients reserve the right to do a due diligence on you and your credentials, you could do the same with your clients too. If you are approaching for work from freelance sites, make it a point to check the reviews of the buyer, which is a fair indication on how the buyer has conducted his previous projects. If he has got 5 stars out of 5, or somewhat close to this rating, he probably is a guy whom you can trust with your project.

Trust us on this – The buyer too on his end, would be doing all this, to work with the best possible freelancer. So, why can’t you do this too? It may take away a bit of your time, but at least, you are sure of working with a guy, who will not dupe you off your hard earned money. As a freelancer, you will find doing this bit of diligence, is something you can deal with.

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How to approach for your first work in freelancing?

September 15, 2009

By now, we assume you have already made up your mind that freelancing is an attractive option to make money. It indeed is, but how do you get moving with this? If you have a website for yourself, your job becomes a bit easier, as you can expect some clients coming from that side. But you don’t obviously want to rely on website traffic, right?

It is time for you to be a bit proactive, and start sending out some emails. One of the best ways of doing this is logging into some Social Media Networks like Facebook, Linkedin and others. These allow you to connect to a lot of people, which is ideally what you would have wanted, to at least set your name rolling in the minds of some people.

If you are lucky, you would see some results soon. But most people are not so lucky, and for them, the wait can be agonizing. But if the approach is right, and if your services are in any kind of demand, you will find work streaming in almost regularly.

Once work comes in, there is a golden rule, any freelancer would do good to remember – Every client is like gold, so value him. This is not to say you have to resort to compromising your interests, but you must do enough to ensure he feels valued. When that happens, the client himself will do two things – 1) He will ring in more business for you, and 2) He will also ring in some referrals.

Any freelancer who starts work in this domain will tell you one thing – It is tough, damn tough at the start. As a newbie, you will be competing with scores of others, who have already made a name for themselves. But that shouldn’t discourage you. Every human being is different. Every professional is different.

Even, your USP and your values would be appreciated, provided they are in the right direction!

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Freelance work sites – In for long, some things to know of

September 15, 2009

Freelance work sites seem to be the new age platforms, which allow a lot of people to work on freelancing jobs. Sites like Getafreelancer, ELANCE, RENTACODER etc have taken freelance activities to a completely new level. These platforms are used by clients to post their work requirements, and freelancers bid on these projects to win work.

Freelance work sites could thus be considered as a work awarding platform, and though the concept seems to be quite user-friendly, there are some things you as a freelancer should note.

Don’t undersell

This is a big point with freelance work sites. There are some people who realize the true value of work, and pay freelancers appropriately. Some buyers(As they are called on these sites) know that they can get away with posting outrageously slashed budgets. They also know that there would be some freelancers who would agree to all their terms and accept to work with them.

A note for you – Don’t fall into this trap. This is not a healthy work practice, and you should stay away from them.

How do they pay

Most freelance work sites have setup their own escrow mechanism, where clients can deposit the project fee even before work could start. Now, what you should find out is how do the freelance sites actually pay you. Most commonly, you will hear of electronic payment methods like PAYPAL, MONEYBOOKERS, and others. These are verified payment methods, and if you don’t have one of these accounts setup, it is time for you to get one.

Make sure you read all the rules of working with these freelance sites. Some of these sites are notorious for banning members because they violated the rules of work.

If you are able to follow these things carefully, you have setup a nice little platform, for you to launch your services. You will also do well to work on building your portfolio, which is really important for you to show your presence and skills.

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